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What good is the best kickass software without reliable hardware? With the slim Chrome devices (Chromebooks, Chromebase or Chromebox) you get maximum flexibility with the highest security at an unbeatable price. You’ve never set up computers for your employees so quickly while maintaining full control. The offer is rounded off by user-friendly meeting hardware that makes video conferencing easy as pie. We’ll be happy to help you find the right hardware for your needs.

Hardware you will love.

Chrome hardware is the ideal companion for your employees and is just as easy to use and secure to manage as Google Workspace. Choose the hardware that’s right for you from a variety of vendors. We’ll help you find the right devices whether low-cost or high-end.


Chromebooks are your fast, reliable companion in the office or on the road. Choose between different vendors and types like touchscreen or convertible.


The space-saving Chromebase is the all-in-one desktop solution for your office staff or as a terminal for customers or employees at production sites.


The Chromebox is the small, but powerful desktop alternative for your employees. It takes up hardly any space while providing everything your employees need for their daily work.

Video Conferencing easier than ever

Are you tired of video conferences starting late since no one knows how the hardware works? With Google Meeting solutions, you can forget about these problems. Once connected, the hardware works just as easily as the Google Meet interface.

Google Meet Hardware Kit

Love the simplicity of Google Meet? Then you should equip your meeting rooms with Meet Hardware Kits. You’ll be able to start future video conferences with just a touch.

Logitech Tap for Google Meet

Do you want to use Microsoft Team and Zoom Rooms regularly in addition to Google Meet? Then Logitech’s flexible video conferencing system is the better choice for your team.

Google Jamboard

Do you work together across locations and are looking for a way to be creative together in real time? Then the interactive Google Jamboard is the right solution for your team.

We have a Google Meet hardware kit at every location, precisely because we want to try to be faster in finding solutions to existing problems. And also because we want to save on travel costs. The experience with the Meet solution has been very, very good. It’s one thing that is relatively intuitive. Once you start the system, you see the meetings that are scheduled in the room. You click on what you need and you’re in the meeting.

Achim Zeller

Senior System Engineer, Namics (Deutschland) GmbH – A Merkle Company

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade

12 Monats


Chrome Enterprise Upgrade

Permanent (Lifetime of the device)


Already have the hardware on hand and looking for a way to unlock advanced business features like security and management with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade?

We’re happy to help you choose the right upgrade and set up your hardware. Just get in touch with us.

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Room booking made easy

With roomie, the meeting room chaos finally comes to an end. At first glance, you can see whether a meeting room is free or already booked and which appointments are taking place in it. You can search for and block an alternative directly on site.