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When migrating legacy systems, there can be many sticking points that cost your IT a lot of time and probably frustration. We bring your data securely and quickly to the cloud for you – whether it’s a groupware migration of emails, appointments and contacts or bringing documents and files into Google Drive. In a free initial consultation, we clarify your needs and what are the best next steps for your business.

Up in the Cloud

Groupware-Migration (e-mail, calender, contacts)

Have you decided to use Google Workspace and would like to move your mail, calendar or contact data with it? We are happy to support the migration of your data and be your partner for a smooth transition.

Drive-migration (documents, files)

Don’t want to move or recreate your documents manually? Then we’ll be happy to take care of migrating your documents to Google Drive. Whether from Dropbox, local network drives, etc. we will securely bring your documents into the Google Workspace environment.