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Cloud Consulting

The Google Cloud offers you massive opportunities to better master your business challenges. From hosting solutions, Big Data, databases and network services to the increasingly exciting Machine Learning. All resources and services adapt automatically to your actual needs. This ensures maximum reliability and saves costs at the same time. Together, we evaluate solution scenarios for your challenges.

The Strengths of Google Cloud

Extensive cost savings

By using the Google Cloud Platform, you have the opportunity to save high investment for your own infrastructure and its operation. You will be able to work on a demand-oriented basis, which means that you only pay for what you actually use. This prevents a waste of liquid funds.

Unlimited Scaling

You don’t have to build your own expensive infrastructure that probably can’t cope with peak loads. The Google Cloud Platform enables you to adapt all resources, such as computing power, to the actual demand in just seconds. Your cloud services grow with you.

Reliable, Flexible and Safe

With GCP, you use the same reliable infrastructure and security technology that Google itself uses for its diverse applications, which are used billions of times. You always have full control and  flexibly to set up hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

How we support you

Targeted cloud consulting

Together we examine your challenges and requirements, and then evaluate solution scenarios that make sense for you.

Technical implementation

We actively help you to implement the technical aspects of your project. We support you in setting up the cloud architecture as well as in possible migrations. 

Training and Support

With comprehensible training courses, you will receive help to help yourself. Of course, we are also available to answer your questions at anytime.